Liu Haoran, inside and outside the image, recorded clearer expression with vivo S7

On August 5, Zhizu GQ released an interview video of Liu Haoran inside and outside the image, revealing Liu Haoran’s perception of images and self. At the end of the video, Liu Haoran also came up with a “bold idea”. He took a number of self portraits with his new vivo S7 camera. He confessed that vivo S7 could better capture his expression and record his life because of its 44 million camera with the highest pixel.

After appearing on the official cover of Zhizu GQ in August 2020, Liu Haoran once again moved many netizens and fans with his persistent attitude towards images. In the video, Liu Haoran incarnates different roles in his own image works, and explains his perception and professional attitude towards images from various angles. Whether it is song song song in Beijing love story, white dragon in demon cat biography, or Qin Feng in Tang Dynasty Street detective series, while daring to challenge different roles, “each character has left something belonging to this role in the body.”. “Record and freeze every moment of your life” and “what is left in the image is your own thing”. Liu Haoran’s unique understanding of images also makes him have higher requirements for taking photos. The flagship self shooting function of vivo S7 just fits in with it.

Just like Liu Haoran’s persistent attitude towards images, vivo s series has always insisted on exploring the road of self portrait, striving to bring better self shooting function to young people. The new generation of lightweight self timer flagship vivo S7 is equipped with 44 million pixel AF dual camera self timer. The high specification 44 million pixel main camera has ultra-high resolution, which can provide clearer basic image quality for self portrait. The focus distance of only 375px enables vivo S7 to support ultra close selfie, which makes the distance clear. The 8 megapixel super wide angle sub camera has a view range twice that of the ordinary 78 ° lens, and can accommodate more people and scenery. In addition, the industry’s leading quintuple super texture beauty and new front and rear dual exposure features allow young people to break through the limitations of time and space, share their lives anytime and anywhere, and enjoy self portraits.

From its birth in 2019 to the release of vivo S7 in 2020, the young s series has more than 10 million users in just one year. From the vivo S1 series, each generation of S series products has been seeking breakthroughs in hardware and self timer software algorithms. It has successively launched self timer functions such as light sense self timer, five super texture beauty, dark light self timer, etc The launch of the 44 megapixel AF dual camera self timer really pushes the S series to the flagship level in the field of self portrait, and further conveys the concept of “let the world see me” to the young people.

The sunny Liu Haoran is influencing more young people with his superb acting skills and outstanding image works. Just like vivo s series, Liu Haoran records more young people’s lives with high-quality self shooting effect. Vivo S7 Series has been officially pre-sale, on August 8, online and offline sales, heart of small partners might as well pay attention to it.