Liu Haoran’s pursuit of images starts from vivo S7 ultra high definition self shooting

Recently, Zhizu GQ released an interview video with Liu Haoran, the theme of which is “Liu Haoran inside and outside the image”, which reveals Liu Haoran’s understanding and self perception of images. At the end of the video, Liu Haoran picked up his cell phone vivo S7 to take a self shot, saying that the front 44 million pixels of vivo S7 can capture his own expression and record his life, from which we can see Liu Haoran’s love for this mobile phone.

As a senior actor, Liu Haoran has a very high pursuit of image, and this pursuit makes Liu Haoran bring excellent works to the audience no matter what role he plays. As a fashion product line for young people, vivo s series has the same pursuit in photographing. Vivo S7 is the latest work driven by image.

Since the main theme is selfie, it is necessary to give users the best self portrait experience. At present, all the mobile phones on the market are piling up materials for the rear camera, but for the front camera, it is just a passing. Vivo, who has rich experience in the mobile phone industry, knows that only good hardware can make good photos. So vivo S7’s front camera, equipped with a brand-new sensor, Samsung GH1, measures 1 / 2.65 inches and 44 million pixels, which is enough to kill other mobile phones on the market. In addition, the main camera also supports 15cm close range selfie, autofocus and eye focus, so there is no need to worry about the problem of virtual focus in self shooting.

Considering that the rear ultra wide angle lens has a good reputation among consumers, this time, the front camera of vivo S7 has also added an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, with the range of view being twice that of 78 & deg; lens. Even self shooting can strengthen the beauty and beauty of yourself.

In addition, both front and back shots support five super texture beauty and double exposure features. For self portrait, vivo S7 really provides a top-level experience.

Since the birth of vivo s series in 2019, it has accumulated more than 10 million users. Each generation of vivo s series of new machines are constantly improving the self timer algorithm, and have successively launched self timer functions such as light sense self timer, quintuple super texture beauty, dark light self timer, etc. The appearance of vivo S7 44 megapixel AF dual camera is to advocate the concept of “let the world see me” for young people.

At present, vivo S7 has opened an appointment on major e-commerce platforms and will be on sale on August 8. Interested friends can go to the relevant pages for details.