Liu Haoran’s TV interview picture actually comes from the mobile phone, vivo S7 front 4K recording strength is superior

After the launch of vivo S7 on August 3, many netizens said that they were impressed by the powerful self shooting ability of this mobile phone. After all, the 44 million pixel AF front dual camera is the only one on the market. At the same time, spokesperson Liu Haoran not only played a self portrait at the press conference, but also accepted an interview with the TV media after the press conference, which made the fans feast their eyes. Perhaps you don’t know that Liu Haoran was interviewed by the front camera of vivo S7.

As we all know, the standard of video production in TV media is very high. The pictures taken by vivo S7 can appear in the program, which shows the powerful front video capability of this mobile phone.

With the powerful computing power of 44 million pixel AF front main camera and built-in 5g chip, vivo S7 realizes the rare 4K / 60fps front video recording at the same price, which makes the picture smooth and clear, and meets the recording needs of live interviews. From the final play out of the screen, the actual effect of vivo S7 front video is really very good.

As a 5g self timer benchmark in 2020, vivo S7 also brings a lot of self timer playing methods.

In the vlog era, everyone is a video creator. Vivo S7 can accurately lock the focus on the face and ensure the clarity of the main body at all times, even when shooting while walking. The addition of pre video super anti shake 2.0 further improves the stability of motion video, and the handheld can also shoot super stable movies. In addition, vivo S7 also provides two highly playable creative functions: front up to 240 frames of slow motion to easily show the artistic sense of the picture; front and back dual view shooting 2.0, let you not let go of any angle of beauty.

In addition to video, dark environment is also a big problem of self shooting. Vivo S7 upgrades the super night scene self shooting algorithm to & nbsp; 2.0, and further improves the face effect in dark light environment through noise reduction and exposure repair in raw domain. According to the official measurement of vivo, even in the dark light environment of the car, there are self portraits with extremely high brightness and clear facial features.

It is reported that the lightweight self portrait flagship vivo S7 has been officially pre sold, and it will be fully sold online and offline on August 8. Those who like to take selfie and record videos should not miss it.