LOL mobile game version is going to eliminate a batch of phones? Kirin/Qualcomm/MediaTek measured

The mobile game version of League of Legends has been blowing for more than a year, and it has not yet been launched in China. Now it can only play in Southeast Asia, Japanese and Hanbok. It is impossible to play without the accelerator. LOLer hopes to launch the national server soon. For the mobile version of League of Legends, the author will eat a crab for everyone in advance.

The first experience of old players

The game interface is very close to the League of Legends on the PC side. There are many types of image quality setting options, which can be set according to your own preferences. Of course, the author has the highest special effects. The default number of game frames is 30 frames. After setting, it can support up to 60 frames. Actually, using the default setting of 30 frames will cause the game experience to be very poor, and it is impossible to show the operation. The level of the mobile phone configuration determines whether the game can be maintained at 60 Frame of the picture.

Honor of Kings has always been a must-have game in the mobile phones of LOL players. Before the release of the mobile version of League of Legends, Honor of Kings is the existence of the mobile game terminal. If the gameplay of the mobile version of League of Legends and Honor of Kings is repeated, it will be very boring. , So the mobile version of League of Legends made the following changes:

[Skills] Compared to the 3 abilities of King of Honor, the heroes of the mobile game version of League of Legends have 4 abilities, which are consistent with the PC side. The existing 47 heroes have achieved 99% restoration, and only some directional skill changes For non-pointing, the [Rune Talent] and equipment are also perfectly preserved.

[View] The mobile game version of League of Legends also retains the view mechanism of League of Legends on the PC side. Everyone can choose to guard (eye) and scan, which is not available in the Honor of the king.

[Skin animation] Each hero of the mobile game League of Legends is equipped with two exquisite skins, and all skins and original paintings have CG animations. The hero selection interface is much more advanced than the PC side (the new hero Salfani currently only has K /DA a skin).

How to play

The game name of the League of Legends mobile game version is Wild Rift, and because it is a foreign server, the only official download channel on Android is GooglePlay. If you don’t have the ability to surf the Internet scientifically, you can only download the game with the help of an accelerator. The naked connection is a high probability. If you don’t go to the game, it is the most convenient to directly register the fist account to log in.

The iOS terminal is undoubtedly going to the App Store channel, and there is no Wild Rift available for download in the App Store country. If you want to download the game, you must register an Apple account in Japan/Korea/Southeast Asia. Similarly, there is no way without an accelerator. play.

Fluency measured

It can be seen from the test that Kirin 9000 performs best and is worthy of being the flagship CPU of the 5nm process, while the 12GB version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 performs stably, and the 8GB version of Snapdragon 865 will have dropped frames, and the performance is even not as good as Dimensity 1000+ . In addition, the two mid-range mobile phone CPUs also have a victory. The frame rate of the Dimensity 800U is better than that of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, and the frame rate can be maintained at around 60FPS without too much fluctuation.

The content, operation interface, and special effects of the League of Legends mobile game version are more complicated than the Honor of the king, but there is no problem of unexplained frame drop in the game screen, and there are no bugs during the game. The only shortcoming is that the national server has not been opened. If you want a smooth network and low latency, you can only solve it by turning on the accelerator.

to sum up

The mobile version of League of Legends is very playable. Although it is very difficult to download this game at present, it is actually worthwhile to experience the game. The mobile version of League of Legends is very fragrant and may really replace the status of League of Legends on PC. Will carve up a large proportion of the King Honor players, which may also be the reason why the national service mobile game LOL has not been released.

To put it another way, the difficulty of the League of Legends mobile game version has widened the gap with the “hands-on” King of Honor. Players who have not been in contact with LOL will have a relatively difficult time getting started with the League of Legends mobile game version. The playability after getting started is the result of King Honor. Incomparable.

Mobile game LOL is not a sightseeing mobile game, but a real e-sports mobile game. If you want to show the operation of the PC on the mobile phone, you must test the configuration of the mobile phone. If you want to play well, you must have at least Kirin 9000 and Qualcomm in the CPU. The performance of Snapdragon 865 can get a good experience. I don’t know how to optimize the follow-up. Low-end mobile phones can basically say goodbye to LOL mobile games.

The good news is that the national server (Taiwan Province of China) mobile game LOL is coming in early December. Japanese players who have been abused for a month can relax. After the server in Taiwan Province of China is opened, the main battlefield of LOLers will move here. I hope to see national servers that do not require accelerators before 2021. Now the barrier to stop mobile game LOL players is just an accelerator.