Look ahead at the Qixi Raiders: Send Huawei nova7 Pro to lock the one in your heart

Tomorrow is the annual Chinese Valentine’s Day. Have you decided what gift you want to give to your spouse? You know, being willing to spend money for him is also an expression of loving him in a sense! Of course, in addition to the actual value of the gift, the mind is the most important, so choose a suitable gift for your beloved TA.

Huawei nova7 Pro

To be honest, straight men may not care about the sense of festival rituals as much as girls, but they pay attention to etiquette. So you don’t need to send him a particularly expensive gift, but you have to send it to the point. In the 5G era, a 5G mobile phone will allow you and your TA to “come together” through the smooth and non-stuck 5G network even if they are far away.

Huawei nova7 Pro

Huawei nova7 Pro is equipped with the world’s leading 5G technology, capable of supporting 6 major 5G frequency bands and 5G dual card functions. It has wider coverage than 5G mobile phones in the same gear in the market, more stable connection, faster speed, and smarter use. For most 5G mobile phones on the market, it seems that it is difficult to have both “slim body”, “5G” and “performance”. However, Huawei nova7 Pro relies on innovative design, industry-leading 5G technology and advanced process chips to achieve a perfect balance of the three, which relies on Huawei’s strong technological strength.

The thinnest part of the Huawei nova7 Pro is only 7.98mm and weighs about 178g, breaking through the limitations of the functional attributes of mobile phones. It is the best gift for boys who pay attention to product performance.

Huawei nova7 Pro No. 7 color matching

Of course, this article is not just about how to give gifts to girls. The high value of Huawei nova7 Pro is also applicable to boys sending girls. The machine has five colors: No. 7 color, honey red, midsummer purple, beautiful forest, and bright black. Each color can show individuality and highlight the fashion taste of young people. It is the best choice for couples. Qixi god assist tips: Even if tomorrow is Qixi, it is too late to prepare now! After all, you can buy it at any time in major shopping malls and e-commerce platforms.

In particular, the innovatively forged No. 7 color is the hot choice this year. The No. 7 color is like a transparent crystal under the sunlight, reflecting a deeper sense of space and smart colors. The color is eye-catching without losing the personality and fashion, and it refuses to be the same. .

Huawei nova7 Pro No. 7 color matching

Of course, after receiving a gift, the correct way for a girl to expose her mobile phone can be like this↓↓↓

Take out the Huawei nova7 Pro first, take a photo and expose it. (Huawei nova7 Pro has a front 32MP dual camera with follow-up focus, close-up photo shoots and close-up eye makeup make selfies without makeup)

Photographed by Huawei nova7 Pro front lens

In an elegant posture, let your boyfriend take a vlog to record the unforgettable moments between you. (Huawei nova7 Pro’s front and rear dual-view recording function records the expression of the photographer on the one hand, and the happiness of the subject on the other. The two worlds are combined into one, so that the happiness becomes a double and leaves a good memory)

Huawei nova7 Pro No. 7 color matching

As the strongest fashion flagship for selfies in the Huawei family, Huawei nova7 Pro will bring different surprises to lovers on this Chinese Valentine’s Day, especially with functions such as eye tracking, front and rear dual scene recording, and more for young people to take selfies. Photo and vlog are more lively and interesting. If you receive Huawei nova7 Pro on Chinese Valentine’s Day this year, use a novel shooting method to record your sweet moments. Qixi’s strongest assist will be it!