Looking at the very thin vivo S6 real machine renderings exposed

Recently, the news about the configuration of the new 5G vivo S6 has been very frequent. Following the official announcement of dual-mode 5G, night-time selfie, and thin and light body, the vivo S6 real machine renderings also appeared on vivo's official Weibo today. This is the first exposure of the machine's body appearance and color matching.

It can be seen from the officially released half-length renderings that the vivo S6 still inherits the high-value family features of the S series. The previous generation of vivo S5 Icelandic love songs gives a romantic and dreamy feel, while the color of vivo S6 is even more elegant. The overall color of the vivo S6 is white, with a purple gradient effect in the white body. Gradient color design is the current mainstream mobile phone appearance color, this color can give users more imagination, but also in line with the traditional young and stylish style of vivo S series.

As we all know, the S series is a trend-oriented mobile phone of the younger generation under vivo. Whether it is the ice lake blue, pet favorite of the vivo S1 series, or Icelandic love song of the vivo S5, the color design of the previous generations of the S series has been widely used by young people. Approved. Although the official picture of the vivo S6 cannot be seen in the officially released pictures, from the perspective of local gradient colors, the vivo S6 will bring a new color matching style to young people, which is worth looking forward to!

In addition to color matching, the thin and light body design of the vivo S6 that was previously exposed is also demonstrated. It can be clearly seen in the picture that the vivo S6 uses a 3D curved body design, and the overall visual performance of the back is round. The transition between the battery cover and the middle frame of the phone is natural and seamless. With a lightweight body of just over 100 grams, the vivo S6 should have a breakthrough in terms of grip. How does the real machine get started can only wait for the arrival of the conference.

The new elegant color combination of thin and light body and comfortable grip, coupled with the previously exposed dual-mode 5G chip and night view selfie function, vivo S6 can be described as a comprehensive upgrade based on the needs of young consumers Human's "first" 5G phone is not an exaggeration. The announcement of the real machine renderings represents that the release of vivo S6 is just around the corner. Friends who like this new machine should continue to pay attention to the latest news on vivo's official Weibo.