Looking for a new iPad Pro? Under the new rules of Apple redemption, save up to 3400 yuan (USD $486)

News on March 26. Last week, the 2020 iPad Pro was officially released. In order to facilitate the purchase of new products by Apple, Apple adjusted the redemption rules for iPad products. Checking the official website found that the maximum discounted price of the 2018 iPad Pro reached 3,400 yuan (USD $486) .

In addition, the iPad's maximum deduction price is 1150 yuan (USD $164) , the iPad Air and iPad mini are the same, up to 600 yuan (USD $86) can be deducted. It is worth noting that when the user uses the old iPad product to redeem the iPad Pro 2020, he will receive a text message notification within 2 working days after the new product is shipped. At that time, the user can reserve the carrier to pick up the goods according to the steps. After receiving and verifying the device, the deduction amount will be returned to the user.

It is understood that Apple ’s iPad Pro product launched this year has added support for the new Magic Keyboard. The keyboard provides a touchpad that can be operated by users, which is also a new feature adapted by the iPadOS 13.4 system. In addition, the iPad Pro 2020 is equipped with an A12Z processor, which can support 4K video shooting and editing, and the AR function has been strengthened again.

There are two different sizes of the iPad Pro 2020. The 11-inch version starts at 6,229 yuan (USD $890) , the 12.9-inch starts at 7,899 yuan (USD $1128) , and the storage specifications start at 128GB. Affected by the epidemic, Apple's supply is subject to certain restrictions. It may take more than half a month to receive the product after purchase. In addition, the Magic Control keyboard will not be officially launched until May, and interested friends can go to Apple's official website to view details.