Lu Wei, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Gongshu District, visited Quantuo to discuss the application of big data

On October 15, 2020, Lu Wei, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Gongshu District, visited Hangzhou Quantuo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Quantuo Data) for inspection. Cui Yongqing, founder and chairman of Quantuo Data, warmly received the visit of the leaders.

During the visit to the Quantuo Data Exhibition Hall, Cui Yongqing gave a comprehensive introduction to the leaders of Quantuo Data's development history, product innovation, and technology research and development. After the leaders had an in-depth understanding of the technical advantages accumulated by Quantuo Data in various business areas, they deeply agreed with the company's development path of innovation and fission through independent research and development, and fully affirmed the achievements of Quantuo Data over the years. During the visit, the leaders stopped to ask questions from time to time, and showed great interest and attention in the big data live ecological central control platform independently developed by Quantuo Data.

In this regard, Cui Yongqing introduced that the big data live broadcast ecological control platform is Quantuo Data. Based on years of e-commerce service experience, it is well versed in the needs of customers for live broadcasts. It has opened up the three major platforms of Douyin Live Broadcast, Kuaishou Live Broadcast, and Taobao Live Broadcast. Aims at deep integration and precipitation of anchor data and advertiser product demand. When the trend of enterprise live broadcasts gradually surfaced, Quantuo Data took advantage of accurate production and demand analysis, channel layout, big data marketing and other advantages to attack in the era of "Internet + live broadcast industry" and quickly help the live broadcast industry analyze consumers Behavioral habits and new consumption trends, while bringing more target groups and sales to advertisers, use big data to empower anchors to accumulate high-quality fans and achieve a win-win situation.

After listening to Cui Yongqing’s introduction to the big data live ecological central control platform, Lu Wei, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Gongshu District, said that the wide application of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence is continuously helping the construction of the digital industry ecosystem, and releasing the value of data in depth. At the same time, enterprises must be more convenient for the people. In the current environment where urban smart brains continue to expand and improve, the Gongshu District Political Consultative Conference also hopes that Quantuo Data can continue its efforts to further accurately and scientifically unearth the new format of big data live marketing under the digital economy, which will help Hangzhou municipal government, enterprises, Merchants provide sufficient digital consumption comprehensive index to in-depth assist the grassroots big data governance, so as to help the industry to optimize and upgrade, and help Hangzhou's digital economy to flourish.

At the subsequent symposium, the two parties exchanged views on the big data solution of the CPPCC system platform. Based on the data platform and cloud platform, the CPPCC of Gongshu District hopes to cooperate with Quantuo in supporting data analysis, and initially reached a consensus. Cui Yongqing said that in the era of digital economy, promoting the development of digital government has become an important part of modern government governance innovation. Quantuo Data has made a lot of technical precipitation in the field of big data, and has rich accumulation in government cooperation. It can provide the government with effective "big data + government information technology", and realize "use data to speak, use data Making decisions, managing with data, and innovating with data" starts from where the masses are most concerned and most in need, so as to help build a pragmatic, efficient and convenient service-oriented digital government, and promote the scientific and modern government governance.

At the end of the meeting, Lu Wei, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, asked about the current development trend of Quantuo Data and the current listing process. Cui Yongqing said that in the development process of Quantuo Data, he received a lot of help and support from the CPPCC of Gongshu District. Up to now, Quantuo Data has served hundreds of companies.At present, Quantuo Data has covered more than 60 billion people every year, and the number of users served covers more than 10 provinces, more than 100 cities, and 131 counties. The key industry data models cover banking, fast-moving consumer, automotive, education, health, cultural and creative fields. On the road of future development, Quantuo Data will continue to dig deeper into the industry, determined to contribute to the intelligent processing of big data in the digital economy with more reliable products and more advanced solutions.