Lu Weibing praised Redmi Note9 Pro for "timed taking pictures" and also attached a tutorial

I believe that friends who pay a little attention to the mobile phone circle have heard the phrase “the bottom level is crushing people to death”. The origin of this sentence is because the larger the CMOS size, the better the photosensitive performance, the higher the dynamic range, the better the suppression of dark light noise, and the better the image quality. The Redmi Note9 Pro released a few days ago first launched a 100 million pixel HM2 sensor with a 1/1.52 inch ultra-large bottom, which can bring an excellent photo experience, and is officially hailed as “invincible images within 3000 yuan (USD $429) ”.

卢伟冰在线教大家用Redmi Note9 Pro的定时拍照
Lu Weibing teaches everyone to take photos with Redmi Note9 Pro online

On November 28th, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of the Redmi brand of Redmi, posted on Weibo and praised the new feature of Redmi Note9 Pro, “Timed photo”. Lu Weibing said that the advantages of the outsole can be brought into full play when using Note 9 Pro’s timing photos and then making the photos into time-lapse videos. And attach a photo tutorial.

According to Lu Weibing’s introduction, open the camera of Redmi Note9 Pro → click on the upper right corner ≡ → select timer continuous shooting → set the number of shots and time interval → then clamp the phone on the stand-type selfie stick → click to start shooting. Then just “wait to receive the picture”. Interested friends can try it.

Redmi Note9 Pro拍摄样张
Redmi Note9 Pro shooting proofs

In addition, Lu Weibing also said that taking pictures during the day does not test the hard power of the camera. When the light is sufficient, no matter which mobile phone it is, the imaging effect may be quite good at first glance, but when zooming in to see the details, the advantage of the ultra-high resolution of 100 million pixels can be highlighted.