Lu Weibing reveals important information of K30 Pro with new tail on Weibo

On March 16, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi, said on Weibo that he changed his new phone. According to the information on Weibo and Xiaowei, it can be seen that this new machine is the upcoming Redmi K30 Pro, but it is worth noting that Lu Weibing This is the "zoom version", which means that the Redmi K30 Pro will have a breakthrough in taking pictures.

Everyone is very concerned about the Redmi K30 Pro. I hope that Redmi can bring you more favorable Snapdragon 865 mobile phones. The cheapest Snapdragon 865 mobile phone so far is Black Shark 3. The Black Shark 3 is not only equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor, but also a 6.67-inch screen that supports a 90Hz refresh rate and HDR10 + standard.

Black Shark 3

However, the Black Shark 3 starting from 3499 yuan (USD $500) uses LPDDR4x memory + UFS3.0 flash memory. At this point, Lu Weibing also asked for comments on Weibo "If the price is the same, I hope 8GB LPDDR5 or 12GB LPDDR4x", but from the results of the voting Most people still Select "8GB LPDDR5".

However, Redmi K30 Pro wants to achieve the ultimate cost performance, but also to meet the normal use of users, it is a good way to reduce the memory specifications, and this time Redmi K30 Pro also has a zoom version, which also means that a telephoto lens is not available Without it, the cost naturally goes up. No matter what surprises the Redmi K30 Pro has prepared for us, the smart waiting is revealed at the conference.