Luo Yonghao returns and will host the "Old Phone Launch Conference" on the same day as Apple

Since the acquisition of Hammer Technology, Luo Yonghao has transformed the e-commerce live broadcast, leaving the mobile phone circle temporarily. It has been nearly two years since his last "Nuts Pro2s" conference, and many people are looking forward to his return.

On October 11, a netizen found Luo Yonghao's huge advertisement in Modern Window Commercial Plaza, and it was confirmed by Luo Yonghao himself. The advertisement shows: Luo Yonghao's return, the 2020 Fall "Old Phone Launch Conference" will be held on Luo Yonghao's Weibo at 12 o'clock on October 14 . And Apple's new iPhone conference, which has been ridiculed as a "subsidiary", will be held at 1 am on October 14.

Some people familiar with the matter said that this "old machine press conference" will be held by the second-hand trading platform "Zuanzhuan", and Luo Yonghao will be invited as the host. The content of the introduction may be second-hand digital products.