Luxury or soil? 8848 new titanium mobile phone will start pre-sale on March 29

On March 21, the domestic luxury mobile phone brand 8848 announced that it would start pre-sale of its first 5G mobile phone, the 8848 titanium phone, on March 29. 8848 mobile official Weibo announced: This is a luxury phone.

Although the 8848 official has not announced the specific model of the new machine, at its press conference last year, it has revealed relevant information. At a press conference of 8848 last October, the official announced that it would release its first 5G new mobile phone M6 in the first quarter of 2020. Therefore, the new machine that will start pre-sale on March 29 should be the M6.

Compared to the M5, the 8848 M6 has been upgraded in many hardware configurations. The new machine is expected to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, a maximum 12GB + 1TB memory combination, a maximum 110 million pixel camera and a 6-inch screen.

However, a number of new smart phone products at home and abroad have launched responsive customized models. After selling for tens of thousands of dollars, the 8848's shortcomings in software development have become more apparent. In terms of appearance, 8848's vulgar craftsmanship line has been too catering to the aesthetics of middle-aged and elderly "upstarts", and it has continued to suffer bad reviews in terms of word of mouth. Combined with its traditionally high selling price, the rising momentum of new products in sales is still seeing no hope.

Therefore, continuing to increase the selling price and increase the profit rate of a single machine may be the only way that the 8848 new machine has no choice.