M1 chip is too fragrant? Cook responds to Mac computers giving up Intel processors

Apple launched a number of new products in 2020, including new MacBook notebooks equipped with self-developed M1 chips. And in 2021, according to Apple’s 2021 fiscal year Q1 fiscal quarter report just submitted, Apple’s Q1 revenue has exceeded the threshold of 100 billion US dollars for the first time.

Previously, MacBook notebooks were equipped with processors provided by Intel. After this, Apple’s new notebooks are expected to be equipped with self-developed M1 chips.

In response to the question that all Mac product lines will use self-developed Apple Silicon chips, Apple CEO Cook responded that Apple is still in the early stages of the transition phase and still faces a lot of work. At the same time, he is also satisfied and excited about the achievements so far. In addition, Cook also evaluated the self-developed M1 chip, saying that the new product brings new growth features.

It also said that the user base from Windows PC to Mac and iPad has increased. As for Apple’s next new Mac products, the outside world broke the news that Apple will launch a new generation of MacBook Pro in Q3 this year, and it will be equipped with a stronger word processor than M1, which is worth looking forward to.