Mac with Windows 10 will have distorted screen: independent display driver problem

Apple's Mac computers have always had excellent color values and features, which are loved by a large number of users. However, for users who are used to Windows systems, some operations of macOS are still difficult to adapt. At this time, they can often be taken. The way to install Windows system to switch back to the operation you are accustomed to. Thanks to the good compatibility of Windows, installing Windows for Mac is much simpler than installing a black PC on a normal PC.

However, although Windows is relatively better compatible, it is not absolutely a problem, especially the Apple MacBook always uses special hardware. Earlier there was user feedback that after installing Windows 10 operating system on your Mac, there will be image distortion problems on the right edge of the display, and the external display may deform the entire screen. Recently, Apple responded to this problem and provided a solution on its official website.

It is reported that this problem basically occurs on Macs using AMD Radeon graphics cards. The problem of image distortion is because there is no corresponding graphics card driver in Windows 10 or the driver is too old. If you want to solve such a problem, you must update the AMD graphics driver in the Windows 10 environment. If the problem is still the latest, you can choose to reduce the resolution of the display (not higher than 3840 × 2160) to solve the problem, but The resolution reduction method is not suitable for Apple's Pro Display XDR and LG UltraFine 4K / 5K displays.

If the problem persists, it is recommended that users still choose to switch back to macOS system to ensure the availability of the device.

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