Machine Situation Observation Room: How awesome is the GPU Turbo X engine of Honor V40

In June 2018, Honor officially released Honor Play, and Honor Play brought a “scary” technology, this is GPU Turbo. After a lapse of 4 months, Honor announced that the Honor Play, Honor 10 GT and Honor V10 models ushered in the GPU Turbo 2.0 update. With the continuous upgrade of GPU Tubro technology, by the time the Honor 20 was released in April 2019, GPU Turbo technology has received support for up to 60 games. On January 22, 2021, the release of Honor V40 also brings the latest GPU Turbo X technology, which comprehensively enhances the gaming experience of Honor V40.

GPU Turbo technology can be said to be a very core selling point of Honor phones, and the first and second generation GPU Turbo technology is optimized based on Kirin processors, bringing very good game effects, and in power consumption control and power saving The aspect also brought good results. Honor V40 uses a non-Kirin processor platform, and Honor introduces a new GPU Turbo X technology on a general-purpose processor platform, allowing GPU performance to be more extreme, bringing different brands of mobile phones from other brands that use the same processor platform A better gaming experience.

GPU Turbo X technology principle

Honor’s GPU Turbo technology is used to solve the GPU performance limitations of Android phones. Due to the limitations of the phone’s design, heat dissipation, power consumption, etc., under high-load games, the performance will appear as the processor temperature increases. Reduce, affect the experience of the game. Honor’s GPU Turbo technology solves the performance bottleneck between GPU and CPU by opening up the bottom layer of the system.

GPU Turbo technology reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the bottom of the system, and realizes the coordination of software and hardware, which greatly improves the overall efficiency of GPU graphics operations. While the image quality and performance are improved, energy consumption is also reduced.

The GPU Turbo X on Honor V40 is an upgraded version of GPU Turbo technology. The difference is that GPU Turbo X has added AI model intelligent perception adjustment. The AI model predicts the scene and load in the game, and it is brought by GPU and CPU load optimization. Better gaming performance.

AI model intelligent perception adjustment can be said to be the focus of GPU Turbo X, and full flow adjustment can reduce the total load of graphics processing. GPU Turbo X can control the entire process of game rendering, effectively control rendering load, control GPU/CPU/RAM bottlenecks, automatically perceive game scenes, and control graphics rendering load and resource supply. Compared to GPU Turbo only reducing the number of instructions executed by the GPU, GPU Turbo X can reduce the execution load of a single instruction. Therefore, based on GPU Turbo X technology, in graphics processing, sometimes 100% redraw is not required between different frames, and only 30% redraw may be sufficient. When using the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine, it may only take 3-7ms to redraw one frame of the picture. There is no need to completely redraw the entire picture as before. This effectively improves the GPU and CPU performance in the working mode. Execution efficiency brings a smoother game experience.

GPU Turbo X experience

GPU Turbo X technology connects the entire game platform from hardware to software, and predicts the scene in the game through the AI model, and reduces the total load of graphics processing through the entire flow control. On Honor V40, it can support games up to 120Hz without dropping frames.

We use Lego infinite to perform a 120-frame game test, and we can see that the game process can maintain a frame rate of more than 100 frames. The frame number of the entire game is relatively stable, but when there are some large scenes, the number of frames changes greatly, but the game The experience is still very smooth. With the support of GPU Turbo X technology, the game can run stably and smoothly, and the heat of the phone is also well controlled, and there will be no hot issues.

For the mainstream “Peace Elite”, when the 90-frame high frame rate mode is turned on, the Honor V40 has an average frame rate of 88.8 frames. The flagship game in the entire test runs stably without serious frame drop. The Honor V40 still has a very high frame rate. outstanding performance.

“Call of Duty” turned on the 60-frame high frame rate mode, and turned on the exquisite image quality and anti-aliasing. In such a high-quality situation, the Honor V40 still has an average number of 59.6 frames, and the frame number is only 1.2 frames. For high frame rate and high quality game scenes, Honor V40 GPU Turbo X technology provides good support to ensure the stable and smooth operation of the game.

GPU Turbo X meaning

We see that GPU Turbo X can improve the game performance of mobile phones and bring smoother and more stable game improvements. For mobile phones, it is an important technology to enhance the experience, and it is also an important technology for Honor to create differentiation.

Honor V40 is Honor’s first product after independence, and GPU Turbo X is also the first “scary” technology released after Honor independence. For Honor, after independence, its technological R&D strength is still quite strong. Honor’s R&D system has inherited Huawei’s system, and many of them are Huawei’s elite soldiers. Honor not only has talents, but also technology and accumulation. Under such a major premise, GPU Turbo X technology is the embodiment of Honor’s R&D strength. Honor is still strong after independence. Honor starts from Huawei’s shoulders and still brings consumers highly competitive products.