Machinist [battle air] f117-x game

In the current 2020 China joy, the machinist has brought this year’s flagship masterpiece, the mechanic’s f117-x game book. In addition to excellent game performance, this game is also with a strong, cool and charming high beauty, stand out in 2020 ChinaJoy, captured the hearts of a large number of players!

Inspired by F117 fighter

[battle air] F117 series has always been the beauty of the mechanic’s game book. The brand-new mechanic [zhankong] f117-x game book, its appearance is also commendable.

The mechanic f117-x has a versatile silver appearance. The design is inspired by the F117 fighter, with a strong sense of technology. At the same time, the thickness of this game book is only 19.75mm ~ 22mm, which is quite portable.

Its A-side (top cover) and C-side are made of metal material, and have been sandblasted with metal anode, which makes it feel better and more grade.

The top cover is designed with the mechanic’s “heart of machinery” logo and two decorative diagonal lines, which add a bit of publicity and personality to this game book.

The power on key is located in the center of the front of the keyboard, which is also the modeling design of the “mechanical heart” blessed by faith.

In order to add the appearance of this game book, the two exhaust vents at the rear of the fuselage adopt the shape of “soul movement design”, which makes the shape of this game book look more visual impact.

RGB lighting effect makes the fighter more dazzling

On the basis of the design of hard and strong modeling, the mechanic [zhankong] f117-x has also designed a cool and charming RGB lighting system.

First of all, the “mechanical core” logo on the top of the top cover, with the cool RGB lighting effect. Whenever other people see this dazzling dance “mechanical core” logo, I believe they will have some curiosity about your machine mechanic [zhankong] f117-x.

In recent years, backlit keyboard has become the standard configuration of game books. The mechanic f117-x adopts RGB bright color backlit keyboard and is equipped with independent numeric keyboard. RGB backlight supports 4-zone color change, and has a variety of light effect modes to choose from.

Colorful backlit keyboard can not only let you see the keyboard clearly and operate accurately in the dark game environment, but also make you more charming when operating the keyboard.

In addition to the regular logo and keyboard area design has RGB lighting effect, this game also designed a symmetrical RGB atmosphere lamp in the front of the fuselage, which can further enhance the cool game atmosphere. When you sit in front of this game book, you will find that this pair of RGB atmosphere lights seem to add halo to this game book, which is very wonderful.

The power on key can also be on. When the computer is running, the button will turn on the blue light effect.

Control center is the standard system control software of f117-x for the mechanic. Players can use it to adjust the RGB light effect and a series of operations.

In the light control interface of control center, players can set the top cover logo light effect, keyboard light effect and atmosphere light effect.

Under the logo setting interface, it provides light effect switch, light effect intensity and seven light effect modes (cheerful / Psychedelic / flashing / flowing / wave / breathing / static).

Under the keyboard setting interface, there are light effect switch, light effect intensity, partition backlight setting and four light effect modes (flow / circulation / breathing / static).

In the atmosphere lamp setting interface, the lamp effect switch, lamp intensity, color selection and three lamp effect modes (cycle / breath / static) are provided.

Ingenuity for the pursuit of high quality players

China joy is the most influential game animation exhibition in China at this stage. Every year, it attracts a large number of players to focus on Shanghai and this annual game animation feast. The mechanic takes advantage of the opportunity of 2020 ChinaJoy to release the mechanic f117-x game book, which proves that the mechanic attaches great importance to this new product.

[battle space] the f117-x has a powerful hard core combination of the 10th generation Intel Core H-series processor and NVIDIA RTX Series graphics card, with outstanding game performance. Coupled with the mechanic’s elaborate design of high appearance, so that this game is very fun to the eye of the family. For this ingenious work, the pursuit of quality you deserve to have!