Main cost performance! Edifier lollipodsplus or South Carolina lite Pro, which is better?

For earphones, we have seen the most in-ear (closed), semi-in-ear (open) and the recent rise of bone conduction.

Many friends may not be accustomed to the full-in-ear style. They always feel that their ears are blocked. If they want to change to a more comfortable semi-in-ear style, they feel that the sound quality is not enough.

For semi-in-ear headphones, AirPods are the highest priority. However, the price is too high and most people are discouraged.

Below we will give you a review of the two semi-in-ear Bluetooth headsets, the main cost-effective Edifier lollipodsplus and South Carolina lite Pro, let’s take a look at their performance in terms of performance?

1. Design and wearing experience PK

The overall design of Edifier lollipods plus and South Carolina lite Pro are relatively exquisite and compact, and easy to carry. It can be said that both of them are appearances that I like very much. But the subtleties are not difficult to find the difference.

Edifier lollipods plus wireless bluetooth headset shell is plastic smooth, the hardware stitching gap part is slightly rough, but the price is still very beautiful. It is generally more comfortable in the ear, but it will occasionally cause discomfort due to friction after wearing it for a long time. There is a small suggestion that it is not recommended to wear it when running, and it may fall off.

The South Carolina lite Pro is different from the wireless Bluetooth headsets imitating the airpods design on the market. The headphone handle adopts a flat design, which is very eye-catching. One ear weighs only 3.8g, which is lighter than the earrings we usually wear!

The curved design of the earphone box also adds practicality to the South Carolina lite Pro. It uses a semi-in-ear design that does not squeeze the ear canal. It has a product fit of up to 98%, which can reduce the weight of the ear hole, and the earplug does not need to be inserted. Earholes, just light touch, only 4.0g weight per ear, wear it for a whole day without feeling, you don’t have to worry about falling when you do jogging. Wear it for running in the morning and listen to music. Point is indeed much better than the Edifier.