Many new energy vehicles have insufficient high-speed electricity to break down to traffic congestion

Although it is more and more common for consumers to buy new energy vehicles at this stage, daily life anxiety, long charging time and other convenience issues are still a headache, especially the lack of high-speed power and anchorage. Danger.

Recently, the Qingyuan section of the Xu-Guang Expressway has suffered from a number of new energy vehicle power outages that caused anchorages and caused road congestion.

On January 19th, Qingyuan issued a micro-reminder to the majority of car owners: Before travel, you should be fully charged, refueled and fully replenished. Due to the slowness and even blockage of road vehicles, and the saturation of vehicles in the service area, if you find that electricity and fuel are insufficient on the way, you should drive away from the high speed to find the charger pile and gas station as soon as possible to avoid breaking down on the way!


Many people want to ask if new energy vehicles can't run at high speed?

Entering the peak period of the Spring Festival, new energy vehicles need to be "cautious" on high speeds. Due to the lack of mileage and charging conditions. Owners must plan high-speed distances in advance, including the situation of charging stations along the way, so as to avoid the "embarrassing" situation of insufficient charging and charging stations.

In addition, the car mainly has a full understanding of the driving distance of its own vehicle, and reserves the time it takes to charge along the way to ensure that the high-speed driving "unblocked" and avoid the situation of running out of power.