Mass production of China's first L4 class 5G driverless car: no steering wheel

According to news from June 12, according to domestic media reports, in the trial production workshop of Dongfeng Automobile Technology Center, Dongfeng Haring-VAN , the first domestic completely self-developed L4 level 5G self-driving car, was officially put into mass production.


This off-line Dongfeng Sharing-VAN is the “1.0 plus” version, equipped with 4 laser radars, 1 millimeter wave radar, 16 ultrasonic radars and 12 cameras, with one-key car hire, dynamic speed limit, and round-the-island traffic , Dynamic obstacle avoidance, multi-vehicle formation, automatic parking and background car hire, remote control, dispatch monitoring and other 13 functions.

Li Kai, deputy director of the Intelligent Networking Department of Dongfeng Technology Center, said that Dongfeng Sharing-VAN, which uses 5G communication technology, can realize remote remote driving with the support of the Internet of Vehicles and the Beidou system. “In an emergency, the background can be Take over the vehicle by remote control, the delay is only 5-6 milliseconds.”

The first batch of a total of 6 Dongfeng Sharing-VAN 1.0 plus will be delivered to the National Oceanic Laboratory in Qingdao, and manned ferry, transportation and other operations will be carried out in the National Oceanic Laboratory Intelligent Park.

In the next one to two months, more than 70 Sharing-VAN self-driving cars will be delivered to users, including Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Hunan.

It is reported that Dongfeng Sharing-VAN developed the project and carried out the conceptual design in September 2018. The first prototype was developed in 6 months and debuted. The mass production was off-line in 22 months to achieve industrialization.