Mate 40 is confirmed to be released next month, and it is expected to stock at least 8 million!

According to the latest news, Kirin 9000 will be officially discontinued after September 15. Thanks to TSMC’s mobilization of a large amount of resources for production, Kirin 9000 is expected to receive 8 million stocks, which is barely loose for Huawei. Sigh, at least the pre-supply of the Mate 40 series, which will be released next month, is kept.

Weibo user @手机片达人 also provided new revelations. It is reported that Kirin 9000 will be the world’s first 5nm Kirin SoC with integrated 5G modem, and it will have a chip size larger than that of Apple’s A14 chip. It may have good performance. Performance.

Although Huawei’s situation after September 15th will become difficult, according to the information currently obtained, at least this year’s supply can be guaranteed. It is reported that Huawei has placed additional orders with multiple hardware manufacturers and requires All these hardware and even a variety of chips will be delivered before the month, at least to guarantee Huawei’s product supply this year.

According to foreign media reports, Huawei will hold a press conference at 8 pm on September 3 to officially launch the Kirin 9000 processor, and the Mate 40 series should be on stage simultaneously. However, if nothing happens, the Kirin 9000 may be the last Kirin flagship processor in the next few years, because TSMC will completely stop cooperation with Huawei after September 15th. If you want to restart the Kirin series, only the United States will end sanctions and related to the mainland. It is possible to achieve breakthroughs in the R&D of manufacturers’ lithography machines.