Mate 40 to use? Huawei's new patented technology exposure: camera ring supports touch, can be used as secondary screen

On the Mate 30 series, Huawei has adopted a circular multi-shot design scheme, which is officially described as a built-in halo design.

For the Huawei ID team and some users, the halo may reflect a sense of beauty. From the latest patent application, Huawei also hopes to add functionality to the camera ring.

Specifically, the ring adds display and touch functions, which means that it has a small secondary screen. It can flash for alarm clock reminders, display short messages, answer incoming calls, adjust the zoom factor, adjust the volume, read pages and even act as a simple clock.

It must be said that it looks very cool, but obviously requires a higher assembly process. In addition, there is a problem that cannot be ignored is that the touchable ring is around the camera, and high-frequency operation of the finger will inevitably cause fingerprints to be contaminated in the lens area, which will affect the photo.

Of course, the bold and innovative spirit of the Huawei team is beyond doubt. It is unclear whether the above patents can be commercialized as soon as possible, such as directly on the Mate 40 series this fall?