May be the strongest version for civilian use! Mazda 3 four wheel drive turbocharged performance version is coming

Recently, the official media of Mazda released a new video about Mazda 3. The short film is very imaginative, and it is announced that the new horse 3 will be launched on July 8, 20.

A60211 according to many foreign media speculation, Mazda 3 is likely to be equipped with a turbocharged version! Turbo version! Turbo version! (important things allow me to repeat three times) of the engine. In addition, new cars are likely to be equipped with a four-wheel drive system. The & quo; Mazda 3 MPS & rdquo; is also expected to return to the current Mazda 3 model catalog.

Mazda has always been a car company that does not easily compromise with the market and always does what it thinks is right. It is also so unique that it collects a lot of iron powder. Up to now, there is no news that the engine of the MPS series has been out of production for more than ten years, except for the engine produced by itself.

If a high-performance version is really launched, the new car is likely to use the 2.5t engine, which is equipped with the CX-9. The engine can output 255 horsepower and 420nm, and it can break 100% in 7 seconds on a large SUV like CX-9. If you put Mazda 3 on, there will be better performance. In addition to the 2.5t, it may be the latest compression ignition engine.