Mazda announces future inline 6-cylinder engine and longitudinal engine platform

Recently, Mazda’s fiscal year report showed the power platform that Mazda will use in the future, including a new in-line 6-cylinder engine, a new hybrid power solution, and a new vertical engine platform.

At this stage, all Mazdas use inline 4-cylinder engines, except for the MX-5, which use a horizontal engine platform. This move by Mazda is believed to demonstrate Mazda’s determination to return to the high-end car market.

In fact, these plans of Mazda were reported by relevant reports as early as last year, and now there are pictures to prove it.

In the picture, we can see that there are 3 engines. The two sides are in-line 6-cylinder engines. The Secretary thinks that the gasoline version is on the left, and the one on the right is a flat cylinder head design, which is believed to use a higher compression ratio. Diesel engine, and the in-line 4-cylinder engine plus a light-hybrid system. Mazda said they are developing a 48V plug-in hybrid.

The Secretary predicts that in the future the inline 6-cylinder engine will be used on Mazda 6 and CX-9, while the inline 4 cylinder will be used in the basic model, which may use turbocharging. Of course, Mazda’s latest Skyactiv- X compression ignition technology will be used on these engines.

Secretary’s comment:

Toyota, are you ready to fight back?