Mazda released its first pure electric model with a battery life of only 256km

On the road of energy saving, emission reduction and popularization of new energy, Japanese manufacturers are relatively active. Toyota and Honda introduced hybrid models very early, and Nissan also introduced pure electric vehicles 10 years ago. In contrast, Mazda is far behind in this regard.

Last year, Mazda launched the MX-30 in overseas markets, equipped with a set of micro-hybrid powertrain, which has little to do with new energy vehicles.

However, recently, Mazda officially released a pure electric version of the MX-30 in Japan. The price is equivalent to RMB 276,700 to 303,700.

It is equipped with a new e-SKYACTIV pure electric system with a maximum power of 143 horsepower and a peak torque of 265N·m.

The battery capacity is 35.5kWh, the WLTP endurance is 256km, and it can be charged to 80% in 40 minutes.

Compared with the previous fuel version, the appearance of the pure electric version of the MX-30 is not much different, except that the area of the middle grid at the front of the car is reduced and it looks more like an electric car.

The MX-30 is 4395mm long, 1795mm wide, 1565mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2655mm.

In order to fit the five-seater layout in such a small body, the MX-30 has a dual-door design to pay tribute to the MX-8 of the year.

Earlier, there was news that the MX-30 might be introduced to the Chinese market, but for the size and price of this model, I don’t think this car will be competitive. What do you think?