Mechanic GTX1650Ti thin and light game book, the best choice for college students

Nowadays, high-refresh rate e-sports screens have become the standard for e-sports games. Under the trend, the game has no exception and began to pursue higher refresh rates, such as the mechanic [Battle] F117-V65, equipped with 10 generations Core i7 processor, using GTX1650Ti graphics card, the screen refresh rate is 144Hz.

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The screen can be said to be a highlight of the mechanic [Battle of the Air] F117-V65. This screen is 15.6 inches. In addition to the high refresh rate, this screen has reached a high color gamut of 72%, A+ no bright screen, Let you enjoy the visual feast in the game.

If such a good screen can fully display the game picture quality, there is no good hardware. The mechanic [Zhan Kong] F117-V65 uses the i7-10750H processor, adopts 6 cores and 12 threads design, and the single core frequency can be turbo frequency To 5GHz! The processing power is more powerful than the previous generation. In terms of graphics card, the mechanic [Fighting Air] F117-V65 uses GTX1650Ti discrete graphics card. Its graphics processing capacity is 2.5 times that of GTX950M, which exceeds 80% of the performance of GTX1050. It is not a problem for mainstream stand-alone and online games.

In other respects, the mechanic [Fighting Air] F117-V65 comes standard with a 512GB PCI-E solid-state hard drive. The sequential read speed can reach 2000MB/s. The memory uses a dual-channel 16GB design. The heat dissipating mechanic [Fighting Air] F117-V65 uses A 360-degree circulating turbine heat dissipation design is adopted, and a 3+3 surrounding copper tube design is adopted inside to support Fn+1 fast and strong cooling. The keyboard also incorporates cool RGB dynamic backlighting, supports 4-zone color change and multiple color change modes.

In terms of interface, the mechanic [Zhan Kong] F117-V65 has HDMI*1, RJ45*1, USB 3.1 Gen1*2, Type-C*1 (supports DP1.4), USB2.0*1, card reader*1 , Two-in-one audio interface *1, independent power interface. At present, the mechanic [Battle of the Air] F117-V65 is selling on major platforms, the active price is 6399 yuan (USD $914) , 1 yuan reservation + receive Tmall coupon can be reduced by up to 900 yuan (USD $129) , and the hand price is only 5499 yuan (USD $786) .