MediaTek cooperates with operators to promote 5G SA networking dual-carrier aggregation test

October 14, 2020-Recently, MediaTek, together with China Unicom and China Telecom, successfully completed the live network test of 200MHz carrier aggregation (CA) in the 3.5GHz band of 5G independent networking (SA), and the measured downlink rate averaged more than 2.5Gbps. Entering the commercial stage of 5G independent networking, MediaTek will further work closely with operators to provide strong technical support for key 5G applications.

With the deployment and support of China Unicom and China Telecom, MediaTek cooperated closely with the Terminal and Smart Card Research Center of China Unicom Research Institute and the Mobile Terminal Research and Test Center of China Telecom Research Institute. The tested terminal equipment uses the MediaTek 5G chip Dimensity 1000+, and realizes 100MHz+100MHz dual carrier aggregation (2CC CA) in the 3.5GHz (N78) frequency band of 5G independent networking, and the downlink rate exceeds 2.5Gbps. Compared with 5G dual carrier aggregation, it does not support 5G dual carrier aggregation. The network transmission rate of Dimensity’s 5G terminal is 2 times faster.

2020 is the first year of 5G independent networking. There will be diversified innovations in architecture, technology, and services, which can better meet the needs of diversified vertical industries. Domestic operators use independent networking as 5G. Development direction and goals, and continue to carry out performance verification and network coordination optimization, and actively develop basic network capabilities for 5G independent networking and commercial use.

MediaTek has continuously invested resources and technologies in 5G independent networking, and has successively completed a number of interoperability tests for key 5G independent networking technologies, including VoNR voice calls, network slicing, and carrier aggregation. In 2021, 5G independent networking (SA) and carrier aggregation (CA) will be the starting point for a new generation of 5G applications. MediaTek will continue to actively cooperate with operators to promote the implementation of key 5G technologies and bring high quality to users 5G experience.