MediaTek releases 5G open architecture, allowing manufacturers to customize chips freely

During MWC 2021, MediaTek officially released the “Dimensity 5G Open Architecture”, and terminal devices using customized chips of this architecture will be available in July 2021.

Dimensity 5G open architecture is not a specific product or chip, but a service. In short, the core hardware specifications of the Dimensity 1200 will not change, but smartphone manufacturers can combine their own needs and capabilities to adjust the performance, AI, camera, and display performance with MediaTek in terms of algorithms and scheduling. , And then get the corresponding customized version.

MediaTek stated that Dimensity’s 5G open architecture is in-depth cooperation with smartphone manufacturers to bring new and more personalized user experiences, and empower device manufacturers to create differentiated flagship or high-end 5G smartphones. At present, manufacturers can customize the key features of Dimensity 5G open architecture:

Multimedia experience: Through MediaTek’s new Dimensity 5G open architecture, device manufacturers will be able to create a distinctive 5G multimedia experience, which can directly adopt or participate in the joint adjustment of MediaTek’s AI image quality enhancement (AI-PQ) and AI super resolution (AI-SR), you can also develop your own algorithm to customize the image quality parameters or scene detection of the video, backed by its own deep learning data, dynamically adjust the contrast, color, sharpness, brightness, etc. of the screen display . Equipment manufacturers can use the built-in multi-core AI processor and display processor of the Dimensity chip to release the high degree of coordination between software and hardware between the chip and the terminal, and customize the multimedia experience such as the display and audio style of the smartphone.

Hybrid multiprocessing: Equipment manufacturers can customize the workload distribution of various processing units in the chip, including CPU, GPU, vision processor, and deep learning accelerator, so as to fully schedule more available resources. In this way, equipment manufacturers can make the chip platform more compatible with their unique software and services, bring better performance and power efficiency, and further enhance the user experience.

AI processing: On the basis of MediaTek NeuroPilot, device manufacturers can use MediaTek APU’s Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) more conveniently, including customization of multi-threaded schedulers and algorithms, or give full play to MediaTek DLA on an independent AI processor Unique INT8, INT16 and FP16 mixed quantization computing capabilities to improve accuracy, performance and energy efficiency.

Camera processing engine: For photographing and video recording, equipment manufacturers can directly access the image signal processor (ISP), and directly control the data flow immediately after pressing the camera button. With MediaTek’s Dimensity 5G open architecture, device manufacturers can access the Dimensity 1200 camera hardware engine, set optimization effects according to their selected parameters, camera sensors, and software, and customize the hardware-level visual experience at the chip level, such as depth of field, anti Shake, correct, tones, etc.

Wireless connection: Device manufacturers can adjust the Bluetooth function through configuration files to better match wireless accessories, such as headsets or gaming peripherals, to provide a better user experience.

In addition, manufacturers can freely customize ISP, AI, wireless connection, and customize the workload distribution of various processing units such as CPU and GPU in the chip.