Meizu 17 charging head exposure bid farewell to Wan Nian 24 watts

A micro-blog headline broke the news today that Meizu 17 will use a 30W charger. A photo of a suspected Meizu 17 charging head was exposed on the headline. From the appearance, this charger uses the classic ID design of the Meizu charger family, with a total output of 10V 3A and 30W. It seems that Meizu has finally got rid of the 24W hat.

Now many mobile phone manufacturers have put a lot of effort into fast charging, and the charging speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, but there are also some manufacturers who are blindly pursuing charging power without considering heat dissipation and battery health. Therefore, the next direction of mobile phone battery life should be how to achieve the best balance in terms of charging speed, cooling performance and battery health. Although the 30W charging head exposed by Meizu this time is lower than many high-power fast-charging mobile phones on the market, we believe that the actual ability will not let us down with the polishing ability of Meizu.

Meizu earlier stated in its 17th anniversary open letter that it would strive to release Meizu 17 in April. With the advent of April, more and more news about Meizu 17 was exposed, including the back cover, camera, screen and so on. Meizu 17 is also Meizu's first 5G product, which is very worth looking forward to.