Meizu 17 launches running kart cooperation gift box, all series support 120-frame early adopter mode

Home of iMobile, October 26 News Today, Meizu Technology announced that in order to welcome Double 11, it has launched a limited mobile game cooperation gift box of "Meizu 17 x Running Kart". In addition to the Meizu 17 fantasy unicorn version, the gift box will also include Gifts of "Running Kart" mobile game scratch card, epic permanent marathon sports car and props gift package. At the same time, the official Weibo also emphasized that Meizu 17 now supports the "Running Kart" mobile game with 120 frames ultra-high frame rate early adopters mode.

Because it was emphasized at the time that there will only be Meizu 17 series flagship products this year, the promotion cycle of Meizu 17 this year is obviously much longer than previous models. In the second half of the year, various promotional activities have also begun to increase. Meizu 17x ran Kart cooperation limited gift box version 8GB+128GB priced at 3699 original price, it is still very worth recommending to users who like fantasy unicorn color matching.