Meizu 17 real machine photo exposure! Screen digging has bright spots

According to news on March 17, according to foreign media reports, when Meizu 17 was filmed in the wild, the real machine was suspected to have been exposed. It is worth noting that the power indicator of the machine is actually at the digging hole. The green circle around the digging hole and the number next to it represent the power, which should be a very innovative new feature officially launched by Meizu.

It is reported that Meizu 17 will be Meizu's first 5G flagship machine. This phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, support dual-mode 5G, Wi-Fi 6 standards, and its screen may support a refresh rate of 90Hz. In addition, it also uses a boring screen design. The front camera may be located in the upper right corner. There is a circle around the camera to display the power, and the four sides of the front of the fuselage are equal in width. Earlier, Meizu officially announced that it is expected to fully release this "17th birthday gift" belonging to Meizu in April.

In addition, Meizu officials held many celebrations to celebrate their birthday. At the end of the birthday video released earlier, Meizu officially also officially announced that the new voice of Meizu, another Meizu voice assistant, will soon be launched. It now appears that the new Aicy sound effects are likely to be launched simultaneously with Meizu 17.

As the release time slowly approaches, I believe more and more news about Meizu 17 will be exposed, do you expect?