Meizu 17 series will welcome major update, full-scene video stabilization

On August 14, Meizu announced that it will push a major update to the Meizu 17 series on August 18.

This update will add full-scene video anti-shake, online music, Meizu Pay new support for Shenzhen Tong, game mode 4.1, Aicy song recognition, mEngine vibration sensing support for third-party applications, blind fingerprint resolution on the screen, etc. Intelligently keep the screen always on, customize the status bar icon display and other functions.

The Meizu 17 series is the flagship mobile phone launched by Meizu Technology in May this year. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SOC, USF 3.1 flash memory, and supports WiFi6 protocol. Prices start at 3699.