Meizu accessories announced new products at 10 o'clock today or limited protective shell for Lichun

News from iMobile Home, February 3 In the last period before the Spring Festival holiday, although everyone deliberately avoided launching new products at this point in time, the warm-up rhythm was unusually enthusiastic. A few days ago, @meizu accessories announced to see you at 10:00 today. Although you know from the release account that it will definitely not be the news of the Meizu 18 series, the new products are still very exciting.

The new product will undoubtedly be a Meizu accessory. Considering that Meizu has recently released the Meizu POP Pro active noise reduction headset, and will sell the Meizu UR LIVE special edition headset in a limited amount today, the new product will most likely not be an audio-related product. , The rumored Meizu watch should also have to wait for a while, then combined with the keywords of “lichun” and “pure color”, it should be an accessory with fresh spring colors, and it is likely to be a special color version of the mobile phone case. .