Meizu Flyme 8 update: new Aicy vocal + small window mode 2.1

March 26th news, today Meizu released the system update of Flyme 8 trial version, the new Aicy voice was added for the first time, the highly acclaimed small window mode also welcomed the new version 2.1, and the camera functions of some models Major upgrades have been made, including front-screen fill light, new filters, and new growth focal points in professional mode.

It is reported that Meizu has made a major upgrade to the small window mode in this Flyme 8 experience version. Compared with the previous version, the new version 2.1 has improved the way to call out, and you can easily call out only from the bottom corner of the screen. , More convenient operation, and avoid conflicts with other gestures. In addition, the new version 2.1 also expands the small window menu, which can add up to 24 apps, and supports user-defined sorting.

Another upgrade highlight is that Meizu brings 3 new Aicy voices in this version: gentle female voice, friendly female voice, natural male voice, and dialogue with Aicy is no longer cold. For the camera part, Meizu added the front-screen fill light function for the 16s and 16s Pro, and also added a telephoto entrance in the professional mode for the 16s, 16s Pro, 16th, 16th Plus, and 16 X, which further enhanced the photo power.

In other respects, Meizu has also specifically optimized the internal operation of WeChat and the function of grabbing red envelopes at high speed. Overall, the Flyme 8 trial version is still very worthwhile to update and experience. What do you think of the Flyme 8 trial version released by Meizu? Comments are welcome.