Meizu Flyme Small Window Mode 2.1 Beta Update: The outgoing call is more user-friendly

On March 26, the Flyme8 trial version ushered in a major update, which will update the new small window mode 2.1, which was recently tested. For a long time, the small window mode is one of the unique highlights of Meizu Flyme system. It is deeply loved by Meizu friends and has been paid tribute and reference by many friends.

Compared with the small window mode 2.0, this version 2.1 is more adapted to the user's operating habits. This time, the outgoing call method has been adjusted. Compared with the outgoing call method of version 2.0, the outgoing call method is swiped from the bottom corner of the screen to avoid gesture conflicts and accidental touch, which greatly improves the operating experience.

The internal test also increased the number of APPs added in the small window mode: the small window menu was expanded. A total of up to 24 applications are allowed, and custom drag sorting is supported, greatly increasing convenience. Compared with the previous 2.0 version, the number of adding up to 5 apps has increased significantly.

In addition to updating the call-out method and the small window menu, the 2.1 version also deeply optimized the operation experience in WeChat: You can actively call out by reading the public account or browsing the circle of friends in WeChat. This feature really meets us who do not want to launch a public account when replying to WeChat messages, which improves the user experience. In addition, after the system has enabled the function of grabbing red envelopes at a fast speed, in the case of inconvenient interruptions such as playing games and watching videos, it automatically enters the small window red envelope interface to improve the user experience.

This easy-to-use small window mode version 2.1 will be updated in the Flyme trial version on March 26th. Charm friends who want to use it in advance can prepare to update!