Meizu GaN charger unveiled, Meizu 17 is expected to be high-power fast charging

Today, GaN charging technology is very popular, and more and more mobile phone manufacturers choose to use GaN materials in their chargers. Including Xiaomi, OPPO and Nubia.

According to the report of the charging head network, Meizu will also launch a gallium nitride charger with a power of 65W and a 1A1C interface design. However, according to photos, some netizens think that this charger is not small, and it is not necessarily a gallium nitride charger.

Friends who are familiar with Meizu know that the fast charging technology of Meizu mobile phones has not improved for many years. Today, the latest Meizu 16s Pro still uses the 24W mCharge fast charging technology based on the MediaTek PE protocol. The charging efficiency is not high. Moreover, it is not compatible with the mainstream PD, QC, and PPS protocols on the market, and the compatibility is worrying.

In fact, early Meizu showed 55W high-power fast charging technology at MWC 2017, but there was no follow-up. Does the launch of Meizu GaN charger imply that Meizu 17 will change its charging technology?