Meizu Huang Zhang accepts Qualcomm's New Year interview: 2020 speaks with 5G products!

[It168 Information] Huang Zhang, founder, chairman and CEO of Meizu Technology, accepted Qualcomm's New Year special interview-Gao Peng talked about the future. In addition to reviewing the achievements made in the past year, Huang Zhang also stated that: Dust is gone, and Meizu is confident to make good products that charmers and target users like, and will be confident to fight in the 5G era.

In summing up the achievements made in 2019, Huang Zhang believes that last year Meizu released a number of mid-to-high-end and flagship products equipped with Snapdragon 6 Series and 8 Series, achieving "full coverage" of mobile phone products. Among them, the Meizu 16s Pro equipped with Snapdragon 855Puls and the Meizu 16T equipped with Snapdragon 855 perform particularly well, especially in combination with the continuously optimized Flyme 8, which fully realizes the effect of 1 + 1 greater than 2 in performance, power consumption, and network And compatibility.

In addition to affirming the past year's efforts, Huang Zhang also said that 2020 is the 17th anniversary of the establishment of Meizu, so the new 5G flagship will be named Meizu 17 and will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform. Bring top performance and network experience. More importantly, Meizu 17 will also carry out innovative explorations in terms of materials, images, and experience. Therefore, the Meizu 17 series must be a product with both beauty and strength.

Faced with the popularity of 5G, Huang Zhang revealed that Meizu will continue to deepen its close cooperative relationship with the three major operators to jointly promote the progress of China's 5G ecology and user experience. In addition to the progress brought by 5G, in addition to making the real Internet of Things possible, Meizu will also be committed to strengthening the design and verification of 5G terminals and innovative applications, and then promoting the development of the AIoT industrialization of user core needs.

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of technology, its purpose is to serve people and serve humanity, so Huang Zhang believes that no matter at what stage, no matter how fast the mobile technology application scenario and product species are developing, the most important thing remains. It is based on the core needs of users to improve and do the best link. Therefore, no matter how the 5G era changes, Huang Zhang and Meizu will maintain their original intentions, focus on technology to create products that are most suitable for users, and continuously optimize Flyme to provide better products and services.