Meizu smart watch exposure: Flyme system is the highlight

On January 26, according to @数码闲聊站, Meizu’s first smartwatch has finally officially entered the Internet. As early as June 2020, Meizu released a poster stating that Meizu Watch will meet with consumers in the fourth quarter. On December 21st, Meizu released another poster, suggesting that Meizu will have an event on December 22. Netizens speculated that it might be the release of Meizu Watch. As a result, January 2021 is almost over, Meizu still has not released a smart watch.


Today, Meizu Watch officially entered the network, basically confirming that this smart watch will be released in the near future. According to previous information exposed by @数码闲聊站, Meizu Watch uses a battery produced by Guardian with a capacity of 420mAh. Network access information revealed that Meizu Watch also supports 7.5W fast charging.

There are already many smart watches on the market, but most of them have a problem, smart and battery life cannot have both. Some smart watches can last for more than 10 days, but they only support NCF, health monitoring, music playback, QR code payment and other functions. They are not smart enough to install apps.

Other smart watches have more functions and support the installation of apps, but the battery life is not strong enough. Previously, Meizu applied for the “Flyme For WATCH” trademark, indicating that Meizu will develop a set of Flyme operating system specifically for smart watches. Meizu Watch will support independent installation of App, and at the same time realize intelligent control of power consumption through optimization to extend battery life. Coupled with support for eSIM, it can be used completely away from mobile phones.


In addition to mobile phones, Meizu’s focus is now on high-end smart homes. Meizu watches are an important part of improving the smart ecology. Therefore, the price of Meizu smart watches will not be too low. With reference to the prices of Xiaomi and OPPO high-end smart watches, it is predicted that Meizu Watch will start at around 1799 yuan (USD $257) .

As for the release time of the Meizu Watch, Wan Zhiqiang, the head of Meizu’s technology marketing, said that he would try to release it in the first quarter. In early December 2020, Meizu also stated that it will release models equipped with Snapdragon 888 in the spring of 2021. Recently, Meizu has two new models for the record, suspected to be Meizu 18 series new models. It is expected that in March this year, Meizu 18 series, Meizu Watch, and Meizu ANC true wireless headsets will be released together.

Source: Lei Technology