Meizu Watch appearance exposure: looks like Apple Watch

Meizu officials have previously announced that this year, while maintaining the core business of mobile phones, it will focus on the smart wearable and smart home markets. Its first wearable device is a smart watch .

This morning, the well-known blogger @数码闲聊站 announced the appearance design patent drawings of Meizu Watch.

魅族Watch外观专利图曝光:方形表盘 神似Apple Watch

Net exposed Meizu Watch design patent drawings

According to the picture, Meizu Watch will use a square dial design, the overall appearance is very similar to Apple’s Apple Watch .

However, the square dial has a very advantage, that is, it can display more content in the same volume, which is conducive to enhancing the ease of use of smart watches.

The picture also shows that the Meizu Watch is equipped with only one physical button on the right side, with MIC openings on the side, and two bar-shaped speaker openings on the left, which can be used for message reminders and call needs. According to previous reports, The device will support eSIM 4G network connection, which can be used completely away from mobile phones.

魅族Watch外观专利图曝光:方形表盘 神似Apple Watch

Meizu Watch will use magnetic charging

In addition, the strap design of Meizu Watch is also very similar to Apple Watch. A hidden quick-release interface should be used at the connection, which is more beautiful than the interface of current Android watches.

Regarding the charging method that everyone cares about, according to the design drawings published by @数码闲聊站, Meizu Watch is equipped with four metal contacts on the back of the body, and it is expected to use magnetic charging instead of the wireless charging that users expect.

魅族Watch外观专利图曝光:方形表盘 神似Apple Watch

Meizu Watch does not have a standard charger

As for the system, Meizu Watch will be equipped with the Flyme operating system developed specifically for watch devices and support independent APP installation, which can also effectively enhance the practicality of smart watches.

Source: Fast Technology