Meizu watch first exposure: support independent calls

Bounced tickets seem to be a normal state of Meizu, but it is not that Meizu is willing to do so. The main reason should be lack of manpower. Meizu began to warm up Meizu watches in the first half of last year, and said that it will be released in the fourth quarter of last year, and there is also a specially built flyme for watch. Now that 2021 has entered, Meizu executives once again announced that the Meizu watch will be released in Q1 as much as possible, and as for the specific time, it is not easy to promise.

The official news about Meizu watches basically means nothing. But recently, as the network access information of Meizu watches was exposed, its renderings were also exposed.

According to 3C certification information, the product model of Meizu watch is M007W, which supports eSIM card 4G network, even if it is not paired with a mobile phone, it can make a separate call, and it supports 7.5W charging power, but the charger is not standard. Judging from the previous sketches, magnetic charging should be used, and the charger is estimated to be purchased separately.

As for its appearance, it uses a rectangular dial. After seeing this appearance, many netizens said again that Apple watch has another brother. There is a button and microphone on the right side of the watch. There are two openings on the left, guess it should be a horn hole. Regarding the battery of the Meizu watch, it has also been exposed before. It is provided by Guardian and has a capacity of 420 mA.

The last is flyme for watch, which is reported to support independent installation of APP. It will be stronger in practicality, but it is not clear how it lasts. In general, smart watches ca n’t make too many waves in appearance, it depends on what tricks everyone can play in the system and interaction, and Meizu should not let everyone down. Want to get more technology information, come and follow us!