Mi 11 Pro is the first to use? Samsung released ISOCELL GN2 outsole sensor

On February 23, Samsung officially released a new generation of ISOCELL GN2 image sensor with 50 million pixels, 1.4μm unit pixels and a 1/1.12 inch outsole, which can output up to 100 million pixels of ultra-high-definition photos. It is worth noting that, the “big cup” product in the Mi 11 series, Mi 11 Pro may be the first to use this sensor.

小米11 Pro率先使用?三星发布ISOCELL GN2大底传感器

The ISOCELL GN2 sensor has a 1/1.12 inch large bottom, 50 million pixels, and a unit pixel area of up to 1.4μm. In the dark environment such as night or indoors, it can combine four pixels to form a large pixel of 2.8μm, thereby absorbing more Light, take brighter and clearer photos.

In addition, compared with the previous generation ISOCELL GN1, ISOCELL GN2 can achieve up to 100 million pixels of ultra-high-definition photo output, and can use the full-pixel dual-core focus Pro technology to comprehensively improve the focus ability, and can also use the line interlaced HDR and intelligent ISO Pro technology in different Achieve more vivid image effects under lighting environment.

小米11 Pro率先使用?三星发布ISOCELL GN2大底传感器

And today, there is news that Xiaomi 11 Pro may use this sensor, which will bring better imaging effects.