Mi 11 renderings are out! Curved screen design and square camera module

Some time ago, Xiaomi officially launched the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition mobile phone, which has attracted a lot of attention once it went on the market because it is equipped with a camera module with very powerful shooting capabilities and has improved performance in many aspects. On October 8th, a digital blogger on Weibo released a rendering of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series. This mobile phone that has not yet been launched also attracted a lot of attention.

Mi 11 series models

As can be seen from the pictures released by the blogger, the appearance design of the Mi 11 mobile phone is very different from the design of the Mi 10 series mobile phone, and the overall look and feel is more fashionable and refined. The front of this phone uses a curved screen design, and part of the frame is also a display screen, which can display more content. In addition, on the front of the machine, we did not see the appearance of the front lens. It is very likely that the under-screen lens design is adopted, and the lens is hidden under the display screen and only appears when it is used.


Rendering of Mi 11 series models

In other respects, when seeing the rendering of this phone, the focus is on its back. The camera module of Xiaomi's new machine has a square design, while the Xiaomi Mi 10 series camera module has an almost circular appearance. The new design has attracted everyone's attention. In this area, we saw a total of five lenses, one of which was a periscope lens with a flash next to it.