Mi Box 4S Pro released: 8K video decoding + 16GB memory, 399 yuan (USD $57) in hand

After several days of "fierce battle" among manufacturers, the "good start" of Double 11 this year has officially ended. Among them, Xiaomi won the first place in the cumulative sales of Android phones on the three major platforms of Tmall, JD.com, and Suning.com, with outstanding results. Not only that, Xiaomi also launched a number of new products during Double 11, such as today's Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro, which is also a very cost-effective TV box.

Mi Box 4S Pro is an upgraded version of Mi Box 4S. From the appearance point of view, Mi Box 4S Pro is no different from Mi Box 4S. Mainly on the basis of Mi 4S, the video decoding ability, transmission speed and storage space are carried out. Significant upgrade.

According to the official news, Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro supports 8K video decoding, providing ultra-clear video images with higher definition and a more comfortable viewing experience. At the same time, the HDMI 2.1 high-speed transmission interface is upgraded, and it is equipped with a large memory of 2GB+16GB. Not only can more apps be installed, the running and reading speed is also faster, and the use is smoother.

In addition, Mi Box 4S Pro is also equipped with MIUI for TV intelligent operating system, and a voice remote control is standard. You can talk to Mi Box 4s Pro for any TV you want to watch or install. It is more convenient to use and very suitable for home. Used by the elderly and children. Of course, you can also directly use the projection screen to cast the content of the mobile phone to the TV, and it is more refreshing to eat chicken on the big screen.

As for the interface, Mi Box 4S Pro provides AV interface, HDMI interface, USB interface, etc., which are very rich, so there is no need to worry about connection sharing.

The Mi Box 4S Pro will be available for pre-sale at 0:00 on November 5th. The reservation price is only 399 yuan (USD $57) , students who need it, remember to check it out!