Mi MIX returns this year? The answer will be announced tomorrow night

Since October 2018, there has never been a new Mi MIX series on the market. Although Xiaomi released MIX Alpha during the period, it did not go on the market in the end. The long wait has also deepened Mi Fan’s expectations for the new MIX machine.

(Xiaomi MIX3)

Today, Xiaomi’s official Weibo finally mentioned this issue head-on. At 19:00 on February 7th, Xiaomi Mall will broadcast the “New Year’s Eve Dinner for Lei Jun and Mi Noodle Friends”. At that time, Lei Jun will talk to Mi Fan and personally announce whether Xiaomi has a new MIX series this year.

Subsequently, Redmi product director Wang Teng reposted this Weibo, and said, “I have asked so, is it impossible to explain it?” It seems to imply that the new Xiaomi MIX machine does exist.

It is reported that in addition to answering MIX-related questions, Lei Jun will also answer “How many smart devices does Lei Jun have?” “When will Lei Jun form a band?” and related questions about Xiaomi’s 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) mobile phone. Xiaomi also said that there are questions and answers for this event, all rice noodles can ask questions, no rehearsal, no NG.

Do you expect Lei Jun to answer those questions?