Microsoft releases DirectX 12 Ultimate: unifies AMD / NVIDIA PC and Xbox

Microsoft today announced DirectX 12 Ultimate (hereinafter referred to as DX12 Ultimate), and said that the technology has all the features of the next generation of graphics hardware, including DirectX ray tracing, variable rate shading, mesh shader and sampler feedback, etc. On different hardware platforms including PC and Xbox Series X.

DX12 Ultimate bundles them all together, giving developers the most critical content to unlock the next generation of graphics technology on PC and Xbox Series X.

In other words, in the future, whether it is Nvidia, AMD, or Xbox, you can directly apply DX12 Ultimate. While providing adaptation to new hardware, this will undoubtedly reduce adaptation efforts for game developers.

Microsoft also released PIX graphics optimization tools and open source HLSL (high-level shader language) editor for DX12 Ultimate, allowing developers to fully squeeze hardware performance through DX12 Ultimate. Despite the addition of several new features, DX12 Ultimate still provides great compatibility, so developers can smoothly port their games to Xbox and Windows PCs.

Microsoft will provide full DirectX 12 Ultimate support in the Windows 10 2004 (20H1) version, and the corresponding features are currently available through Windows Insider.