Mijia launches vertical heater, priced at 399 yuan (USD $57)

On October 14, Xiaomi Youpin launched a brand new vertical heater after launching the Mijia baseboard electric heater E and a series of electric heating products, priced at 399 yuan (USD $57) .

This vertical heater uses a matt semiconductor ceramic PTC heating element as the heat source, and its maximum heating power can reach 2100W.

The machine has four sensing probes, through infrared induction, can automatically align the air supply according to the position of the human body, and it is worth noting that the official recommendation is that this function is best used in a single person.

The Mijia vertical heater can also adjust the position and angle of the air supply through the mobile APP, which supports the quick operation of Mijia and Xiaoai. The machine has already been booked and will be officially launched at 10 am on October 16.