Millet 10 price cuts 400 posters, oolong 100 million pixels, "true" direction is wrong

Home of iMobile mobile phones, February 4th, since the official announcement of the price cut of 400, the balanced flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 has gained a new life. Recently, the popularity has rebounded a lot. The official also released a poster yesterday to make Mi 10 pay tribute to its many previous generation phones. Types, including the strongest predecessor Mi 6, Liu Haiping Mi 8, and the helpless Mi 9 with electricity, as for Mi 10, the “self-dropping 400” is emphasized again.

However, what is interesting is that there is a small oolong on the official poster material of Xiaomi, which may be the reason why the artist forgot to mirror. The word “108MP” on the part of the Xiaomi Mi 10 mirror group is reversed, and it really becomes “108MP is in the wrong direction.” .

PS. As of press time, Xiaomi has updated the corresponding poster material, and the direction of 100 million pixels is correct.