Millet awards 122 technical experts and core managers to 120 million shares of ten-year equity incentive

Following the stock incentive plan for outstanding young engineers, Xiaomi once again issued a new stock incentive plan: technical experts, middle-level and high-level core managers, and the first batch of candidates for the new ten-year entrepreneurs plan, a total of 122 people, and 119,650,000 shares of Xiaomi were awarded.

Among them, the New Ten Year Entrepreneurs Plan selects a group of core technical experts and young management cadres to give rewards similar to early entrepreneurs and encourage them to start Xiaomi’s new ten-year journey with an entrepreneurial mentality and investment. The selection conditions must first agree with Xiaomi’s mission, vision and values, have the ability and potential, and have outstanding achievements in core positions. The plan is based on performance appraisal, and the stock maturity period will be as long as ten years, effectively achieving a high degree of binding between personal income and company performance.

“One person may go fast, only a group of people can go far.” Xiaomi will continue to provide sufficient development space and generous returns for outstanding talents at all levels. Continuing to discover, introduce and train talents is the foundation for the sustainable development of Xiaomi’s business.