Xiaomi Mi Band 5 official confirmation: under development

As early as August this year, Huang Wang, CEO of huami, confirmed at the financial report meeting that he was working with Xiaomi to develop Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which is expected to be released next year. Later, foreign media reported that Xiaomi 5 is more advanced and durable.

At today’s strategic communication meeting, Huang Wang, CEO of huami technology, said Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is in the process of research and development.

He stressed that huami is still an important member of Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise and will continue to seek the maximum synergy of business and strategy in Xiaomi ecological circle. Seek common ground while reserving differences to achieve a win-win situation.

Huang Wang said that not every Xiaomi wearable product will participate in the research and development of Xiaomi watch project. &”Maybe Xiaomi Mi Band is made so well, there is a misunderstanding in the outside world. ”

Huang Wang said there was no exclusive or exclusive agreement for the wearable device contract between huami and Xiaomi. We will choose the most preferred partner under the same conditions, considering not only technology R & D and product capabilities, but also profit sharing ratio, data sharing, different market judgments of both parties, etc.

Huang Wang revealed that in 2020, there will be more smart devices besides watches and Bands.