Millet mix alpha gives up mass production

It was reported on August 10 that Xiaomi had officially released the Xiaomi mix alpha 5g concept mobile phone before, and the official website also intended to officially open for sale in December last year. But at present, a heavy news let the netizens who love this mobile phone disappointed. Xiaomi official said that the millet mix alpha may not be available for public sale, and the mass production is hopeless.

This millet mix alpha, which has been put on Xiaomi’s official website for a long time, has attracted much attention. As a new machine that is expected by all, it can be said that it has reached the stage of star studded. But now when you open the official website, the words “please wait” are still displayed in the purchase column. Because the mass production is hopeless, this millet mix alpha may really become a full concept machine.

In the Xiaomi mix series, the Xiaomi mix alpha concept mobile phone is also the only 5g mobile phone. It adopts the surround screen design and cancels the handset, front camera and side button. The antennas on both sides are driven by dual display chips, and they both support pressure sensing and have a built-in side linear motor. At the same time, flexible screen fingerprint, ultrasonic distance sensing and other technologies.

In terms of core configuration, the Xiaomi mix alpha 5g concept mobile phone adopts the high pass snapdragon 855 plus chip, supports 5g dual card all network communication, its memory is 12gb, the storage space is 512gb, it is equipped with 4050mah battery, and supports 40W wired flash charging. At the same time, the mobile phone is equipped with Samsung’s 108 million pixel Ultra HD main camera. The camera’s sensitive size is 1 / 1.33 inch, the aperture is f / 1.69, and the pixel area is 1.6 μ M. at the same time, it supports OIS four axis optical anti shake.

Although this concept machine has not realized the dream of mass production, we believe that Xiaomi will continue to develop a new generation of mix mobile phones in the near future. By then, it will meet the requirements of mass production. Consumers will definitely meet the mix series again.