Millet products crowdfunding ecological fish tank, fixed time and quantitative feeding, crowdfunding from 359 yuan (USD $51)

In the modern fast-paced life, fish farming is almost the most time-saving experience. You can not only immerse yourself in your own world, but also feel the natural atmosphere indoors. Although the energy consumption of fish culture is relatively small, it still needs to be fed regularly, change water, and control the breeding temperature. For fish users who want to save time and effort, on August 6, Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding Pro version of descriptive geometry amphibious ecological lazy man fish tank, which can be fed regularly, has a crowdfunding price of only 359 yuan (USD $51) .

The amphibious ecological lazy man fish tank can not only be used for the creative ecological fish culture of “planting flowers and plants” and “raising fish under water”, but also upgrade the smart box which can be connected with Mijia app on the basis of its original functions. Users can set automatic feeding at any time and place, and adjust the flow of 16 million colorful lights and water pumps through the Mijia app, which is more friendly to busy modern people.

Only rich function is not enough, the water quality of fish tank determines the health of fish. The filter system of the ecological fish tank can also be adjusted intelligently through app. The oxygen content and filtration effect can be effectively controlled by adjusting different water volume. Moreover, it does not need to move the cylinder body to change water. It can be controlled by one key, so that the fish culture costs less energy and the steps are more concise. At the same time, the fish tank is equipped with 16 million color lights, which can provide better viewing effect. There are seven light modes, including warm sunlight and color rhythm.

In addition to having a unique color, the fish tank also has a unique modular design, which can be disassembled freely. Compared with the fun of assembly, the most important thing is that the module design can make it easier to disassemble, spend less time cleaning the fish tank and reduce the trouble of cleaning the fish tank. For fish, regular cleaning of fish tanks can bring better living environment, improve the life span of fish and reduce the risk of disease. At the same time, the clean and transparent fish tank can also greatly improve the viewing experience and highlight the quality of life.

In order to ensure the safety of users, the amphibious ecological fish tank adopts one-piece cylinder body, which can effectively prevent bursting; the round and non angular cylinder surface design can increase the protection in all aspects, and reduce the possibility of injury to the skin during handling. The fish tank adopts 5V DC low voltage, which is significantly lower than 36V human safety voltage, which can bring users more peace of mind. Health and safety are the highest quality of life.

The manufacturer of the pro version of descriptive geometry amphibious ecological lazy man fish tank with crowdfunding of millet products is Guangdong Xinbao electrical appliances Co., Ltd., which has deeply cultivated in the field of small household appliances for many years. It has many mature and successful products in the field of small household appliances and intelligent fish tanks, and has rich industry experience. The product follows the consistent simple design style of Xiaomi Youpin, and realizes the desire of young people to save their mind and pet. It is hoped that intelligent devices can help users reduce unnecessary energy dissipation in fish farming, and make users simply raise fish and live smart life.